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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 10, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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neil: all right, all of the talk the day after big apple watch announcement this cover says it all, watch out you sort through the choices easiest company from which to order just shoved in our faces a tall order. welcome, i am neil cavuto, they are trying to figure it out, i am an apple shareholder in full disclosure. franked out to a new genre. then again so was sony walk man before apple reinvented the way folks got their music, i am not saying that lightning condition
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strike twice -- can't strike twice, but the ipod was simple, i am told apple watch has up to 2 million settings i could just see my wife fiddleing with it. i know pa ruseing company's website confuses your preorders choices, there are three basic apple iwatch choices basic watch, available in 20 models, the watch sport in 10 models. then the watch edition that is in 8 models. keep in mind each of those models comes in dozens of configuration from color to glass casing to size, color and look of the band. i am sure apple will make it as easy as they can on customers. i am betting it will still be
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overwhelming for many of those customers, i suspect that is what had apple stock under pressure today or buy on rumor sell on reality thing. the thing is apple went long on this way away too long, remember what is at stake if apple did takes eye off real moneymaker, the iphone, just as waves of new android smartphones are about to hit the market, and price defying apple customers are those begining to win. at a 350 watch, i am wonder figure apple thought this out. to mobile technology analyst. who is just as confused. what do you make. my concern is they might have bitten off more than they can chew. >> i think they are getting into unchartered territory this is a company we know for specific
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devices, think about clothing choices you deal with every day they have the enviable position of how to be a device manufacturer and a closing manufacturer. neil: you always say that unlike a phone or a ipad, people will want to differentiate with a watch people don't want to be with the same watch as the guy next to him. >> they are different on basis of the materials that make them up. neil: but it has same basic features across the board. >> yes, but the materials the what glass is made out of and the strap and casing. it is different, i think that big question to watch is will people be able to see this company, that gave them semp else -- simple answers and options as a company that now
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gives them variety. they think yes buzz, they expect that people will' differences like different ice cream flavors, but a company to make that transition is tricky. now. neil: do you think -- they are known for ease of use people at various apple stores are smart and patient, but you will have a confused buying public, because there are so many choices. i am told a lot of watches most people pay over $1000 for typical configuration how profitable do you think this gets? >> that is an awesome question. one thing you have to make an appointment in the sto*r to try store to try it on. neil: do you think many will buy is on-line. >> i think you need to try it on this is smog you want to -- something you want to make sure
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fits you are spending a lot of money that will probably be be on so hraoultobsolete in a couple of years a device is static, you can get it from anywhere, a watch which is a fashion accessory needs to be fitted. that is the difference that we're takeing about and what apple is getting into. neil: getting good buzz, if you get good buzz, like the ipod. >> i mean there is always the group of fans, that are going to always love anything that apple has apple's name on it. they give to the organization buzz. it is innovative and creative, give them credit. but, did they over think this? that is the question, they might have. neil: all right he know r-s what heknows whathe speaks, thank
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you so much. >> thank you. neil: the problem with stock companies like apple could be overreaching could this be a sign that investors might be over buying? ty young concern stucks are headed. jeff is not. soty concern with case of apple in case of technology too far too fast. >> i think that apple is over bought i do like the product there is millions of people or legions of people that would like to buy it but i think that the stock is over bought, and market over bought. and only reason -- really hard to be a bear when the market hits new highs every day, but reality is that reason is market high because we're printing money to hole market -- hold the market up, they have to go to market to find yield so, at the end of the day with the economic controls that we have
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we have used those up there is going to be down side in market i believe this year. neil: jeff? >> well well i think we have way over extended point that the market of last resort is going to hold these levels. i mean i think that we have all focused on fact that there is nowhere else to put your money bond yields at historic lows, so you have to be in the stock market. to me, you don't have to be in the stock market. if you are chooseing to be in the stock market because there is nowhere else to go, i anticipate there will be a decline that will be substantial. neil: but you say that same argument has been out there for years, would have missed the rally and all these shares that had run-up, subscribes to belief this can't go on? >> yeah, and i think that there is a lot of people who have missed the rally if you look at last leg of this rally and what i consider, to be what very
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well-being be last leg when you look at it most of the people who are piling in, people who missed first part of the rally or first few years of the rally and had to be a part of it, they just disregarded all fundamentals and threw whatever caution to the wind, got invested. this is say dangerous point for market to be in, when most people are all in only justcasion is there is nowhere else to go that does not work for me. neil: ty is apple a metaphor on this market? >> i don't think there is any question about that i like the product, i like that watch. but the stock is over bought, and i think that later this year there is down side, but while the market continues to go up, it seems like it is getting highs of day there are products that available that korb the down side -- that cover the down side that let you participate as markets go up, people come to
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us they say i want my money protected, all i want a reasonable rate of return those products are out there. >> jeff, a lot of people are going to into bonds what do you make of that? >> i can't understand for the life of me why anyone would buy a bond at-this-point. i know we prely have more -- probably have more appreciation in flight to safety trade i think that is a bad trade, i don't understand. we have a fed that is taking their foot off the gas pedal we'll see yields rise, they may fall against but it is not a good trade as far as coming out of technology, you know, you brought up the obvious talk about apple. erwhat we're begining to see at these lofty levels the companies are pressureed to put out this invasion that is not necessarily. >> innovation that not
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necessarily going to lead to revenue growth they need too justify the massive valuations for companys that are great and have done a lot of great things but they need to continue to have innovation to continue these levels. >> thank you both. neil: white house cracking down on the guy that say are rigging it so you cannot retirement to stop shady retirement brokers. larry said that is well and good but it will make investors leary, period. and maybe not save at all larry, you say they are making it worse. >> i think that might be one of the unintended consequences of a broad sweep, if you create doubt about all of the brokers out there who are handling retirement funds a lot of people will say i'm out. or more dangerous than out is saying i'll do it on my own the market too koch -- complicated.
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>> you know there are a lot of folks who say just buy an index, you know buy a fund that mirrors performance of the overall market, and just leave it. what do you say? >> i say that might be just a level of ignore answer, not what you know it is what you don't know. and i don't know all of products that are out there for some people they need to go into individual stocks, and some people need to look at mutual funds but there are is insurance products so many products that regular lay person does not -- is not informeded about. i think you need somebody to understands where you are. where you want to be, what your goals are your individual situation. and who can guide you through the marketplace and through the products. neil: you know, larry we've been here before a lot of young people avoid the market, because they saw their parents burnt. and with that meltdown, that
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explains why they are not into housing, the same. and rather than they look at very appealing. they are doubley convinced they are not a place to be. what do you tell young people who might just continue spending willy-nilly or not at at all looking to their future. >> i would say you will wake up some day and understand that you really were not as bullet proof as you thought you were, we all get old when you look around and see you don't have money saved you will find yourself in a sad situation, you have to work until you die. neil: forget all vagaries of investment. if you tell people, safe a little more, then you can sort it out later. >> it is a minimum save 10% invest 10% be charitable with 10%, live with 70 70% you have 43%
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of americans that spend more money than they earn that is say big problem. if you don't want to get in market that is silly but at least save money problem with just saveing money puting it in a bank account it is too easy for you to get to, you see something you believe you can't live without you will spend that money. neil: yep. good point all layer thank you very -- larry thank you so much. so many great books look the a thank you. >> thank you. neil: well, he proposed to his girlfriend with a drone wait until you hear what the coverage is -- government is proposeing to do to us with a lot of drones what the heck? after -- what the tech after this. ♪ at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around the world
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neil: bad enough some dude just proposed to his girlfriend with a drone, but now secret service is looking to use them, say good-bye to privacy and what the tech? hello to today's tech contestant jeff kimball. jeff secret service into drones say, to protect our leaders i say, to spy on us, what do you say? >> i say we gave up our right to privacy a long time ago we're walking with various beautifully apple branded tracking devices this is a new currentcurrency privacy this is how we pay for the free things that cost billion to build. neil: my watch or iphone does not crash into white house. >> yes there is -- different varyiants. on what giving up privacy means. neil: do we have too many
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drones? if you are investing in drone makers it seems like pay dirt. >> they are about to get heavily regulated. faa has crack -- attempted to you know release stip laying, no one could own a drone. they will settle in middle. and looking back when anyone could crash at white house. there would be a blip historically. neil:ia, i don't know if we would say those were the good old days. print it out eat it up, pancake bob, lead deadly food printer you can design and make your own pancakes then eat them. where is this? >> when this is fully baked and arrives for real, it will disrupt as many industries, if not more than iphone disrupted in 2007. >> i don't think it could fall flat?
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>> i -- people made fun of robert morris for sending a -- robert morse for sending a one line sentence to washington. neil: but you could not eat the morse code. >> that it -- >> i don't know what i mean. >> not a great year for electric car sales but good year on to something? new tire powering electric cars, as the car self drives it makes sense then some of these plug in? >> that is exciting, good year is a company that understands how to project where the world is going. it is a very exciting, a cool patrolprototype. neil: a traditional company doing something high-tech. >> they are impressive company my only question is, should i buy stock now or in 5 minutes. >> do you think that real future this in, smart cars and rest will be from traditional players, not where you keep looking who will will come ul with
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latest thing. >> it could be, ford been talking about fact that most cars will be group owned. and so, you know, technology kind of will replace the idea of a car as a think this dow yourself. you know driving will either be sort of automated in cities or something for fun. neil: the self driving cars? >> it will urbanize first like new york city where people should not be driving we're terrible at driving in cities and reacting we don't care we're texting, it will start here, and be normal in a few years to hop why your driver hr*eus car less car in in in city it will spread out word. so it will be cool to watch it unravel. neil: only in new york city could our driverless cars still have attitude. >> i hope so. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it,? why is this simple tax plan so
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hard to accept? the plan senator rubio is dealing that has me spewing.
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neil: if i said it once, i said it twice who said tax code has to be so complicated? but why do we make it so tough for a politician who dares to try to make is simp lirr, floridasimpler?marco rubio latest to come under fire. it narrows the income tax rate, and 35%. now he wants to slash corporate tax rates to 25% when she said would encourage them to bring trillion they hold abroad home ehis proposal is generating heat on the left, and the right here
8:25 pm
isat home. >> do you these two things something that empowers individuals and families, combined with a pro growth tax rate you see growth in our economy, wages and productivity,. neil: you know you will hear from your critics. >> oh, a friend from super rich. >> i always laugh because majority of people that accuse me of that are millionaires, they are lectureing me. the son of a bar attender and a made the flight of plight of the middle class. only way you get better paying jobs is by making america the best place in the world to create them. >> i'm saying it is better than the mess we have right now. we can quibble about deducts and rates there is no quibbleing this is long overdue. so far from faulting guys who try to get out front and call
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our tax scheme the sham it is because we should all out the critics, who keep screaming leave things the way they are. what say you? >> you know, i think tax reform is something both sides want, actually getting it done in most polarized environment we had, i don't know how long it is impossible good luck. i think that will could be there, makes interesting pre-election talk and fodder and headlines but as we get closer to the elects the odds go low. >> what happens? >> well, not bad depends on your definition. there is an old joke that barack obama had simple two lone flat tax, what do you make last year? send it? and on other hand, have you like the dick army, steve forbeing
8:27 pm
platt tax that is based on a low rate, no double taxation, no trouble taxation is a principle of senator rubio and lee's tax plan but the problem is that white house their idea of more seriously, idea of tax reform is more class warfare high are rates, so -- higher rates there is no bradley or gephardt like in 1980s, i don't think we'll have a chance of anything. neil: that was last time we had a -- but fact is that right now the things are torn apart on issue. they are not immediately revenue neutral, i think that rubeo's plan you lose money before you make money other issue is that some group is always geting perceiveed to get an advantage others would not. fat cats paying no ven of investment
8:28 pm
taxes, to keep markets going and promising company technology but others hear they that say making mitt happy. >> i think that get average voter interested in something like corporate tax reform, have to put it in their language, why should we care? why is lower corporate taxes going to affect me, the american average voter is it more growth higher wages more jobs, if you can tutt it in that language you get away from populous rhetoric that goes on with the tax reform talk. >> you know, argument for giving rotate great re-- repatrioting this money back home, the companies the invest, and plant and equipment, jobs, and last time we did something like this, they just they just pocketed it, they just done spend it. now -- we were in a recession at the time, i always argue their money they can do with it what they wish, having said that, do you think that will futthe debate they will just take this
8:29 pm
money away from americans who want to see jobs out of that? >> well first thing to understand reason companies have two trillion dollar overseas is because we have both very high corporate tax rate, and if they bridge the money home we empoise that -- impose that high tax rate on foreign source income even though it has been taxed. in the nation where it was earned they have a incentive to hold their money oversea, and rubeo and lee tax plan lowers corporate rate too 25%. the money will come back. whether or not they use it to build a new factory or shareholders who have greater reason to investment it will be good for the economy, but you are right. not my business to tell them, to dispurse it. neil: they seem too be better stewarts than the government, thank you very much. we only have to to focus on
8:30 pm
candidates what might look at a simple way to tax code, you know it must be controversial had they get arrows pro geico both side. >> andrew, singer who parties hard. they are getting off easy. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent
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>> neil: if you can to duse time big stores are getting the shoplifters the often -- the option they define decors sorry get arrested and medics guest admits to shoplifting years ago when he makes more sense but is saying that you were scared straight? >> i was not by my
8:34 pm
shoplifting experience directly. i use touche shoplift from a variety of stores from restores between the ages of 16319. neil: did you need the money? >> know it is the thrill but i often small step by would give to friends. food is helpful. i was caught several times but never prosecuted. it never even occurred to me like to be convicted of a crime. i don't know why i didn't think it was serious. fifth years later here in new york on the way to work a place that i stole from quite a bit i was mugged at knife point i had never been in a confrontation like that and it seemed like tavis in the movie. like it was scripted. of course, it was very visceral and real purpose
8:35 pm
and gave him all my money and my watch and my metro card and my subway tokens it was a big deal and i knew then i couldn't take stuff from people thought. neil: but it wouldn't if you were given a pass? >> no. i appreciate creative new approaches but thinking back to times that i was caught it anchorage need to do more it developed a resentment. wanted to do things that i thought would make people feel bad. i don't know why. i had that type of energy. maybe it is that age or that time when you try to experiment with different ways of living. but i pulled back to things
8:36 pm
like the mugging and that saved my life to realign its the had to devote my life to good to cheer you up and my life up. neil: you do a good job. has a rock star or the entertainer is seen sure all the same? >> to a degree that may be true with a personality trait that runs through those who are attracted to performing. neil: maybe shoplifters are not listening to your views six. [laughter] >> maybe they're stealing my music right now isn't downloading shoplifting? jaime is like of the ones my music, take it. neil: no, no, no. you are an artist. don't give away. the other anchors here are paid. [laughter] thought. >> you deserve some type of
8:37 pm
compensation. [laughter] neil: but i think they do it because they don't want to be hassled but they say they don't see any repetition? that some or all are scared straight? >> to remember princess diana and the cop could have rested her but instead gave her a warning? it can people be changed that way christ and the people can change their minds i change mind after going through that muddying experience as an extreme gesture of goodwill and forgiveness. the main character is the play les mis he says they
8:38 pm
gave them to him but the data really does cut through to give a sense that you can't be good in the world. neil: that was french civic try to watch it version setter dubbed in english. neil: when i get off the air i don't want to nobody in the meantime the italians have done it. ' that will help you to cut the pound's. my next guest says show in town and slim down. from the old country next.
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neil: this guy claims he has some cuts by italian confer footed -- food is now is like is to look good to be true, pastas that doesn't have a fraction of the cards it is one-third the amount? >> we don't use flour. comes from tomatoes and it is all natural then did is infused. neil: wage. wait. >> bedded is easier to digest it is easier on your body but when you lose weight is a tradition in my family over
8:43 pm
time you can lose weight by eliminating ended is hard to clean your body. and also contains proteins. neil: in our country the diet companies that feature the al low carbohydrate pasta that tastes like cardboard per you avoid that how? >> because they are so low fibers they are good to eat. neil: and you notice the difference from regular pasta? >> yes. you have to eat six dishes of our pasta to have the same amount of cards from the common pasta.
8:44 pm
neil: it is the international sensation you are a rock star all these people are lining up for autographs. in italy it is a huge deal? you lost weight? >> i lost 8 pounds in one week. neil: even kate? >> there are many. it is considered the diet of the celebrities. neil: what do they like? >> mary murphy she lost 30 pounds in 40 days. neil: you also exercise like crazy? >> no. you can move but not too much dancing is okay but not
8:45 pm
too much for the weight-loss program. neil: i started to look into this. i didn't realize the sensation but it was from a personal cost? your dad died of obesity? >> there is a tendency to have obesity. neil: were you ever fat yourself? >> i am very sensitive to carbs. not everybody has this same sensitivity to food. so i have to pay attention to what i eat. neil: you look terrific. in this country carbs they tell you to cut back. if you are right they could
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double up? but of course, . but there are many studies that this product. neil: but you will not tell me what they are there is something in this. >> there are herbs. yes. but you can drink with our food with a cocktail. neil: you are onto something. if all these people lost all this weight there is a pattern. more after this. ♪ take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both
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neil: end mcdonald's what they're doing is the essential to bring the healthy stuff back. >> i am a healthy girl i had a retail selling for lunch. -- cale salad for lunch but it is super healthy. going into mcdonald's i have to be honest is probably zero in 1 billion so i am not sure i am their target customer. neil: what is going on? >> they tried to get people like us who are little more health-conscious. my son does go to mcdonald's like to go with him.
8:51 pm
it is a healthy thing to do even though they originally did not want to do with but the market is pushing them that direction they did not even need michelle obama to do regulation. >> he wants the company to spread the wealth of. >> from silicon valley i am on a book tour right now speaking to the women of twitter. i love their pushing to bring more whitman but i just don't think jesse jackson is relevant of the above to hear from cheryl sandburg. neil: more minorities? >> i just don't think he is relevant to silicon valley culture. >> whether or not you agree if you want to diversify the work force you shed get back to the basics not to believe
8:52 pm
the companies to bring them in but talk about why the jobs they are in are low-paying. would get 10 percent of graduates it isn't minimum-wage. >> and they have seen wage increases of 25%. >> but margo rubio could be onto something. after this. smart sarah. seeking guidance. just like with your investments. that sets you apart. it does? it does. you're type e*. and seeking another perspective is what type e*s do. oh, and your next handhold... is there. you don't have to go it alone. e*trade gives you the support and guidance
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ask your doctor about crestor. "what's the deal, neil?." neil: what about the apple watch? calvin figures that is the problem that the average customer it takes a least one over what to order. apple blue this big time.
8:56 pm
hi use my smart phone there is no need for this. >> the apple watch will cause many accidents the watch will be worse because you always jacket while driving. i would never wear the expensive apple watch somebody with stealing from the. >> you're all missing the point as apple takes that technology to take it to the next level into a mess have product. just watch. anyway for a self-proclaimed apple shareholder you seem hellbent to trash your investment don't you have anything good to say? >> i a plenty of good things to say i just don't know if it is worth all the hoopla. >> can you find someone who
8:57 pm
understands technology to comment? >> another politician says jeb bush makes a good bid for president and his name is marco rabil. >> we would get the chance to convince american people ever republicans i should be the nominee -- dominique. >> next time he is on tell him to get busy it is the best tax plan to abolish the irs. >> to assist to be a senator not a governor helps him. they don't do much foreign policy he is less than candid that they have never run anything or manage a budget that governor reagan and george bush did policy pretty well to that discussion politically made me respect him less. although senator kennedy
8:58 pm
became president kennedy. >> please tell the senator that that repatriating foreign profits will create investment is unlikely and shows the space understanding of money it shows that there will come to these shores to the banking system. neil: there is no way to prove that but i think he hit a chord. >> i am so frustrated watching your show beyond ending interruption of your guests. today was the final straw. your interview with rubio was interesting you consistently interrupted him with inane questions before he could finish his point and it is aggravating. >> rabil vote for whoever gets rid of the irs. if everyone pays the the national sales tax no cheating on deductions.
8:59 pm
>> i will not vote for anyone for the enforcement of our lives to cut off welfare is so articulate but no one cares about the chitchats getting the exact same information for each one. is people don't care about the northeast. i like your show but i live on the west coast i know you've had bad weather but we are out here to. neil: we cover your flooding problems i thank you are jealous of our weather.
9:00 pm
you are jealous we're getting the cold and it is killing you. look at me. "strange inheritance". right now. >> the veteran of the battle live -- squirrels away enough military gear for a platoon. >> aconite leaving get access to the master bathroom it was so clogged with the stuff. >> it was once-in-a-lifetime >> plus plenty of surprises. >> this is worth $50,000? >> usually wrapped in of blanket in a bathtub. jamie:


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